The My Easy Garden was created in 2015 by Tobias Ogden & a friend when he wanted to plant more items in the limited space of his small backyard. Seeing how much vertical gardens could grow in a limited amount of space he instantly started designing the first prototypes of the "My Easy Garden."

The My Easy Garden's was designed to work at different heights and being easy to use in either soil or a hydroponic garden for growing. This means your gardening possibilities are endless. This unique design was patented in 2016. USPTO #D760622.  

In 2021 the company was sold to Little Foot, LLC a female owned micro business specializing in shipping logistics.  They saw the value in tower gardening with the My Easy Garden and knew the product needed to be in the hands of everyone from home gardeners to commercial farmers. The ability to grow more in a limited amount of space is the future of the nursery industry.


The My Easy Gardening System is an economical way to vertically grow food, flowers, succulents, or any plant you want.