New to gardening or just want to know the tricks of the My Easy Garden

Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase a My Easy Garden

It's easy just click on Shop and choose the My Easy Garden that fits you vertical needs

What is the My Easy Garden

The My Easy Garden is a vertical or tower growing system. This allows you to plant 6-17 plants in the space of about one square foot. It is great for beginners. It is ready to be planted in the ground, in a garden bed or in your choice of pot. It is amazing for growing leafy greens, vegetables, herbs, fruits, succulents, and flowers indoors or out. Attach a drip line to your new My Easy Garden or just water it from the top. A great new and fun way to grow your favorites. Add it to an existing garden program or use it for a fun new project. Kids love the my easy garden as you can keep adding plants in a small amount of space.

Can I Become A Wholesaler

Yes you can. We love to have nurserys, garden centers, decorators, and home supply stores join our family. Click Here for more information

Setting up a My Easy Garden Hydroponic Grower

Setting up the hydroponic system is easy 1. Insert your My Easy Garden into the pale lid. 2. Insert the tubing into the fitting in the water distribution disk. 3. From the top of the My Easy Garden slide the tubing down leaving the disk at the top to fit into the lid groove. 4. Get your pump ready. (for 18" systems set the pump to low, 29" set to medium, 41" set to high) 5. Insert the tubing coming out of the bottom side to the pump and place all items into the pale. 6. Put the pumps cord through the cord guide in the bucket side and affix the lid. 7. Your hydroponic system is ready for plants and neutrents. We recommend mixing at least 2 gallons of neutrents for your hydroponic system. Filling it from the top is easy * We recommend talking with your local nursery or hydropoinic store about recommended neutrents as each plants needs are different.

Can I Use The Top to Plant in

If you are using the My Easy Garden with soil, then YES. Use the top as another spot to plant your favorite items in. We have a lot of followers that like to use the My Easy Garden to create a mixed berry tower. They grow strawberries in the bottom spots and put a dwarf blueberry bush on top.

Can I Upgrade A My Easy Garden To Hydroponic

Yes, it's quick and easy. Just empty out the soil and plants you have in it now. Then purchase the Add On Hydroponic Kit. This kit allows you to change any My Easy Garden into a hydroponic system.