My Easy Garden 29″ patented vertical garden is a step up from our smaller model.  It is ready to be planted in the ground, in a garden bed or in your choice of pot. It has 10 slots (11 if you use the top) for growing leafy greens, vegetables, herbs, fruits, succulents, and flowers. Our 29″ Garden Tower is ideal for soil planding and can be added to a planter, pot, or right into your garden bed. Attach a drip line to your new My Easy Garden or water from the top. A great new and fun way to grow your favorites. Add it to an existing garden program or use it for a fun new project. Our vertical gardens are a great way to use space since it is vertical, you can grow a large number of plants in a small square foot of space. In fact, it only takes up about 1 square foot of floor space.

Wholesale Medium My Easy Garden 29"